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About Me

My Story

I am a proud amalgamation of intersecting lineages, identities, life experiences, passions, visions, goals.

I proudly identify as biracial, transfeminine, neurodivergent, Buddhist, futurist.

33 years young, I strive towards a daily existence based in sustainability, harmony, collective healing, self-actualization, equity for all.


Born outside of DC to an Idaho-American father & Japanese mother, I trace my ancestry to southern Japan, the British Isles, Germany, Sweden, and Italy. I spent my childhood & formative years living between DC, Europe, Tokyo, New York, and the Pacific Northwest.

Attending international schools and traveling abroad throughout my childhood exposed me to a plethora of cultures, peoples, and places, which have strongly shaped my world view. All the while, I inhabited a queer/trans identity that did not fully blossom until young adulthood. 

After receiving my BA in psychology from Georgetown in 2012, I returned to Tokyo to work in the Japanese tourism industry before pursuing my graduate degree in sustainable tourism management in three EU countries, graduating in 2017. Thereafter, I lived & worked in the Pacific Northwest cities of Boise & Portland for six years before relocating to New Jersey in 2023.

Professionally, I've pursued an array of diverse opportunities in the fields of applied social science research, advocacy, environmental justice, and sustainable tourism - interrelated yet distinct areas of work that have continually inspired me to explore greater opportunities for overlap in other realms - including, most recently, integrative health & life coaching. I greatly look forward to developing a practice centered in intersectionality, health equity, and mindfulness.

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The spellbinding beauty & healing qualities of the natural world, flora & fauna, land & sea

  • daily time outside

  • ecology & conservation

  • hiking

  • camping

  • nature therapy

  • solitude

  • rewilding

Health & Wellness

The holistic synergy of essential physical / psychological / spiritual balance, healing, well-being of body & mind

Health + Well-being

  • plant-based nutrition

  • cooking

  • exercise

  • sleep

  • meditation + yoga

  • therapy

  • journaling

  • self-care

My Top Passions


The opportunity to visit myriad ecologies / cultures / wonders that make Planet Earth an incredible living miracle

  • trips locally, domestically, abroad

  • natural exploration

  • novel adventures

  • mental travel


The captivating human psyche & behavior in all its complexity; applications of research toward the betterment of others

  • spirituality

  • consciousness expansion

  • academic research

  • trauma healing


The innumerable complexities of existence, the Universe, consciousness, greater purpose; continually thinking on an existential plane

  • deep introspection

  • psychedelics

  • mind expansion

  • outer space / Universe

  • romanticism

Children + Animals

The beautiful innocence & wholesomeness that exists in the purity of childhood and animality

  • babies + youth

  • early education

  • pets

  • wildlife


The ponderance of the deeper questions of our world, ethics, how & why we exist, intersections w/ psychology & art

  • reading

  • discussions

  • reflection

  • writing


The belief system centered on ending suffering + engendering peace in the individual / interpersonal / collective consciousness via presence, compassion, gratitude, mindfulness, impermanence, non-duality, interconnection, emptiness

  • meditation

  • mindful presence

  • sangha

  • reflection


The rich history, culture, language, people, landscapes of the Japanese archipelago & my ancestral lineage

  • 東京、熊本

  • 日本語

  • 後藤家

  • 温泉♨

  • 和食

  • 伝統文化

Aesthetics + Arts

The daily appreciation of beauty & design in its countless manifestations of expression

  • natural landscapes + animals

  • visual arts

  • music

  • high fashion

  • biophilic design

  • minimalism

  • gardening

Connection + Community

The invaluable significance of family / close friends / love in providing the soul w bountiful joy, social support, greater meaning

  • bio + chosen family

  • loves

  • friends

  • communities


The 13.8 billion years of "past" that has occurred before this moment; reflecting on its applications to the present & future

  • natural

  • societal

  • anthropological

  • geological

  • futurism


The personal & global economic, socio-cultural, ecological considerations to achieve a prosperous, healthy, joyful, harmonious state for future generations

  • eco-friendliness

  • environmental justice

  • activism

  • conservation

  • ecotourism


The radical freedom from constructs, ideals, stigmas, ego in a healing, authentic manner; advocating for & inspiring liberty, equity, justice for others

  • intersectional identities + diverse self-expression

  • advocacy

  • egolessness

  • liberalism

  • open-mindedness

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